• Q. What is self-storage?
    Self-storage is a service that offers safe and secure storage away from your home or business. It’s that extra room your home or business cannot provide. It’s there for as long as it’s needed and can change along with your needs. As the name suggests it’s down to the requirements of the individual. Once you hire your very own dry, safe and secure storage unit, all you have to do is fill it to solve your storage problems
  • Q. Are my personal items safe while in storage?
    Storall use surveillance and security systems to ensure that your goods can be stored with complete peace of mind.
  • Q. How much storage space will I need?
    Storall offers a variety of storage unit sizes. This offers you the flexibility to select and pay for the storage unit size that best matches your requirements. Use our space storage calculator to work out how much space you need.
  • Q. Can I change my unit size later on?
    You may increase or decrease your unit size at any time (subject to availability of rooms), in accordance with your personal requirements.
  • Q. What is the minimum hire period for Self-Storage?
    1 month is the standard minimum rental term. For existing customers only: a shorter period of time can be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Q. Is there a maximum limit on the hire period?
    No you may stay as long as you require storage. Please note that the maximum period of any given lease is one year. However, the period may be rolled over (i.e. a fresh yearly lease is made subsequent to the previously expired lease).
  • Q. How do I make payments?
    Storage fees are payable in advance. For long term rent periods, current & post-dated checks are required. Storall accepts credit cards, cash, and SWIFT bank transfers. You can also make payments online through our e-payment portal.
  • Q. How will I know when my storage fees are due?
    The Payment Schedule is clearly stated in the Lease Agreement. For further clarification, please don’t hesitate to inquire with our Customer Support Staff.
  • Q. Are there any additional charges?
    We only require a security deposit equivalent to the value of one month’s rent. If you require ancillary services other than storage, please ask our Customer Support Staff for the rates of these services (i.e. packing material, moving, etc.).
  • Q. What about insurance?
    Because the cargo stored by different clients/tenants varies in value, we recommend you privately insure your goods whilst in storage . Storall LLC does have its own umbrella insurance policy but this has a limited cap value.
  • Q. Can Storall arrange for the removal and storage of my goods?
    Yes, Storall LLC has a removal & packing service.
  • Q. Where can I purchase packing materials?
    Storall stocks a range of top-quality, purpose-produced packaging and storage materials. These can be purchased from our e-shop, or the reception or front office.