Self-Storage—Top 10 Tips to make the most of your Self Storage Unit

climate controlled self-storage unit in Dubai

The self-storage market in the US is predicted to grow by nearly 135% between 2018 and 2024. Fast-growing regions like Dubai are also experiencing this trend, due mostly to increasing urbanization and an improved economic outlook. An increasing trend towards downsizing due to higher home rentals has also contributed to this growth. Another reason behind the success of the self-storage phenomenon is that you can store anything and everything in a self-storage unit, from priceless original artwork to the ski equipment for your winter holiday in the Alps.

For the majority of storage unit renters, however, their motives are more ordinary and have more to do with knowing where to store possessions and becoming more organized. So, when you decide that you need some extra storage space, how do you make the most of the space that you’re renting? After all, you’re paying good money for space, so let’s make sure you’re getting value for your outlay. Here are some tips to consider when you decide to use storage as an option:

  1. Think carefully about what items you will place in your self-storage unit and ensure that these items are packed efficiently. A reputable facility like Storall LLC will pack and move your precious possessions without fuss or bother. Some of the reasons for storing possessions are obvious: you want to save space, reduce clutter, get rid of stuff that is rarely or no longer used, and so on. Is storage a temporary or a long-term solution? And what are the cost implications in both cases?
  2. Make sure that you use all the space you rent. No point in renting a garage-sized unit to store three filing cabinets of archived financial statements. There are cheaper options. At the same time, ensure that the storage unit is not so jam-packed that you can’t get to the stuff stored in the rear. It’s also a good idea to dismantle bulky items like beds and cupboard units before storing, for two reasons: it minimizes the possibility of damage, and it takes up less space. The professionals at Storall LLC can advise you on how to optimize your self-storage space.
  3. Keep an inventory of what you put in storage. Most reputable storage facilities will do this as part of their service, anyway, but ensure that the inventory is an accurate reflection of what is there, down to the last document. After all, one of the reasons that you have decided on the storage option is so that your home or office is better organized, so that you can find articles when you need them. Storage should not be a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.
  4. Don’t use up storage space to keep articles of little value. The value of the belongings you store must at least match or exceed what you are paying for the storage space. There is a part of us all who likes to hoard stuff but go back to the reasons why you are keeping these articles in the first place. What are the chances that you will ever need or use these articles again? Toss out duplicate, broken or unused items.
  5. Are there other options to storage? You have decided that you need to get rid of some of the clutter at your home or office. Does it still have a future value for you, or would it be of more value to someone else? If so, sell or donate it. There are loads of online sites like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and so on where your unwanted items can earn you cash. Donating unwanted toys, clothing, and books to your mosque/church or local charity shop is another option.
  6. Hire a reputable mover and storage facility—like Storall LLC. In this way, you can have peace of mind that what you have placed in storage will not be subject to damage through lack of proper climate control and security—especially in an environment of high heat and humidity such as the Emirates.
  7. Also, check out the reputation of the facility you decide to use in terms of what other services they offer by way of inventory management (listing every item packed in each box and container), and pick-up and transport of items. Find out whether they offer flexible rental arrangements, both in terms of space and time periods, and are you confident that they have an attitude of care for your possessions? In the unlikely event of damage to your possessions, Storall LLC prides itself in having no hidden insurance charges.
  8. Periodically review what you have put in storage and decide again whether you will ever need or use it again. You may find that with the passage of time you realize that items that you considered to have some future value no longer do have value, once they have been out of sight for a while. If so, sell them or donate them to charity.
  9. Consider the location of and access to your storage facility. If you need to retrieve some item in storage, how easily can you get access, both in terms of distance from your home or office, and in terms of gaining access to your unit and what is stored in it. For example, are items that you might need frequent access to stored near the front of your storage unit? Also, you don’t want to have to drive an hour across town to retrieve a document—Storall LLC can even deliver individual items to your home by prior arrangement. In addition, you don’t want to find your facility locked and barred when you need to collect equipment over the weekend for a camping trip. Storall LLC guarantees access to your unit 24/7, 365 days a year.
  10. Access is important, but only to the people who have a right to be there. So, check on the security arrangements for your storage units. Does the facility have perimeter security and access control, and are the units protected from excessive dust and water damage? In warmer climates, a climate control system is necessary to prevent heat and humidity-related damage to items in storage. Storall LLC units are fully climate controlled and insulated against dust and water.

A self-storage is certainly a cost-effective option for those items which are taking up needed space at home or the office. This cost must be balanced against the current and future value of the items in storage and alternatives to storage such as sale or donation. The value of becoming better organized is—of course—priceless. Speak to a Storall LLC representative for an obligation-free storage quotation.