Self-Storage Tips For Long Term Storage

In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions have been left without a job or for the fortunate, a new job in a different location. Based on your circumstances, you may be relocating to a smaller home, another city or a country itself. Whatever the reason may be, you may conclude that you will be needing a self-storage unit for a longer period of time. Here are a few ways you can keep your items safe in the self-storage for a prolonged duration.

Make an inventory
Start by listing down the items you want to keep. This helps for two reasons. Firstly, it helps in determining what size self-storage unit you will need, and secondly it helps keep things organized so you know exactly what you will be placing in the storage unit. It doesn’t have to be very detailed, it’s just an overview of what you want to keep in the unit.

Label the boxes
Since you are relocating, you may not need the items you are packing for at least 8 months to over a year. Even if you firmly believe that you will remember where you have kept a certain item, trust us that you will not, once you go back to retrieve it a year later. Labeling the box makes the unpacking process much easier, and is also useful if you need to go in and get things.

Pack strategically
Some of the most important self-storage tips are how to pack things. In most cases organizing is everything for ease of use and access. Keep the items you probably need in front of the unit and the things of less utility at the back. Instead of picking up objects on the floor, stack them while taking advantage of the height of the unit (mostly 8 feet or more in height) and keeping heavy objects closer to the ground. Do not leave items unprotected. It will take time to pack properly, but it is worth the effort in order not to damage the items. Furniture should be covered with a removable blanket or cotton sheets (not plastic that can filter moisture and cause mold), and small items should be placed in boxes. Fragile items should be carefully wrapped in a wrapping paper or preferably bubble wrap.

Choosing the right storage partner
Finally, choose a reliable storage company. Trust third parties to manage your belongings when you store your items. Even if you don’t store what’s important, it’s still important to choose a company with proven reliability. Read customer reviews and past experiences before booking a unit. Do not store items in a company that looks like a sketch because the price is cheaper than the competition.

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