Online Self-Storage Rental & Safe Access

As a leader in the storage industry based in UAE, Storall is proud to offer remote self-storage rental options including a storage calculator to estimate the volume of items and chat service agents available to respond to all your queries online. It is a convenient and secure alternative to renting storage units amid the global epidemic of COVID-19.

At Storall, the health and safety of our customers and employees is a primary concern. Virtual rental is a solution that minimizes direct contact while providing open  and essential services to customers.  We are proud of the fact that we have always emphasized safety first and are one of the  very few storage companies with remote capabilities, as a market leading feature.

Storage facilities are currently considered as essential service providers and therefore, Storall is open during regular business hours.  Additional hygiene precautions and routine cleaning efforts have been added on top of strict procedures that were already in place at each location to ensure additional safety of customers and employees. Moreover, we advise our customers to adhere to social distancing recommended by the local government authorities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Storall’s Pandemic Preparedness Strategy

We follow the guidelines of healthcare professionals and encourage employees and customers to minimize contact between people. The Storall team is available by phone if customers need help or have questions. To ensure limited movement, customers can utilize our e-payment methods to conveniently make payments for their storage unit. To limit the possibilities of spreading the virus, we are taking the following steps:

  • Clean the door handles, doors and buttons regularly
  • Disinfection of surfaces in contact with the public.
  • Disinfect the storage facility and office areas regularly


Precautionary Measure for Customers

To ensure our clients safely store and retrieve their items, we have set up guidelines to follow while accessing your storage unit.

  • Prepare to disinfect recovered items before taking them home.

You might be taking an item from the storage back to your home. Clean these items outdoors with a disinfectant spray before entering them into your home. If there are items that cannot be sprayed, such as artwork, leave them in the garage for a few days or let natural light shine on it.

If you are the only person accessing your storage device, you may be wondering why you should do this step. However, prevention is safer than regretting if you bring external items home. When you have cleaning supplies in place, cleaning them won’t hurt and nor will storing them for a few days before use.

  • Wear gloves and mask

If the virus circulates heavily, you should do everything you can to protect yourself from germs, so prepare before heading to the storage device. Wear disposable gloves so that even if you touch a normal surface, there is no risk of virus particles coming into direct contact with your fingers (be careful not to touch your face while wearing gloves). Also, cover your mouth and nose as you go out looking for a mask or turning a scarf into one. In fact, some companies require visitors to wear masks, so this may be necessary when visiting storage facilities.

Storall is committed to ensuring maximum safety of its employees and users. You can safely rent our self-storage unit online and access the facility with peace of mind during the pandemic. To rent our unit you can contact our representative online through live chat and email or over the phone.