Moving During Coronavirus: 5 Tips For A Safer Move During A Pandemic

Moving at any time is not an easy task. However, adding a global crisis like corona virus requires more challenges. In some cases, delaying your travel plan may be the answer. But what if you can’t move or prefer to move to a new home? The  storage & logistics industry is taking steps toward health and safety operations so that consumers can relocate during the coronavirus outbreak. We have also taken proactive steps based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Storall is experienced in providing safe and secure moving and storage services to consumers and businesses for years & only in times of crisis.

These tips are designed to help reduce risk and stress while moving around during the Corona Virus pandemic (COVID-19).

Put your health and safety first.

If you or someone in your home is infected with the corona virus or is able to isolate after being at risk, call the moving company to explain the situation. You do not need to be present for shipping or collection.

If you use an existing moving service, prepare by phone or online and ask what hygiene practices your mobile operator is following to reduce the risk.

Renting Self Storage as backup

Opt for a moving service that offer maximum flexibility when it comes to dates, refunds and cancellations. You might have an emergency or the government can impose restrictions that can cause you to halt your shifting.
Keep a backup plan for such cases. Renting storage facilities are the best option when planning to shift. The idea is cost efficient and lets you have the peace of mind in case of a delay in your movement.

Storall employs the highest standards of sanitization and hygiene for all its services. We take frequent cleaning measures for our self-storage facilities by carrying out sterilization programs in our facilities to ensure maximum security and ensure our customers adopt to the same precautionary safety measures when utilizing our storage facilities.
We are ensuring contact-less dealing through online reservation of self-storage units and provision of rental contracts over phone and emails. Once you have rented our facility we trust our customers in following the sanitary guidelines and take measures on our own to ensure all items being kept in the facility are sterile. You can rent our self-storage online now.