Key Ways To Prevent Damage In Your Self Storage Unit

There are several main ways to help prevent damage to the items on your own storage unit. Property damage is what many people fear when they store their belongings for the first time. Some are irreplaceable, so you must take preventive measures to avoid damage.

A/C Storage And Temperature Control
The first way to avoid damage is to choose the correct type of storage unit according to your needs. In general, you can choose between internal access, temperature control, and access units for most properties. For long-term storage (more than 3 months) and sensitive furniture and items (such as sofas, chairs, music equipment, etc.), internal or temperature controls are best. These elements can be more affected by heat, cold and humidity than other elements. With temperature controlled storage, valuables can be kept at a constant temperature between 22 to 24 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This can damage electronic components and delicate fabrics or wood. In-car storage works well if you store it for less than 3 months, or if you only have items like plastic chairs, patio furniture, and other seasonal items.

Pre-Storage Care
Another important precaution is to avoid storing things while they are wet i.e. from the rain or snow, it is ideal to wait for the object dry out before you move it to the storage unit. If things get wet and stored and then sit without sunlight, they won’t dry properly. Mold and mildew can grow on the object and cause damage or even ruin. If you can’t avoid moving during the rain, prepare towels and washcloths to dry all boxes and items when you put them in the self- storage unit. Pay special attention to this step to avoid potential problems. You can buy moisture grippers at most hardware stores.

Safe Self-Storage
When people think of damage to their belongings, they generally think of mold and pests. However, it is also very important to keep the products safe. Choosing a storage company with gates, peripheral fences, and security cameras can reduce the risk of intrusion into your facility. Electronic gates allow only current customers to access the premises and block unwanted visitors. Having a property manager can help you avoid evil activities. Our security guards and facility managers walk around the building at least four to five times a day for to look for anything harmful that you may have missed.

Storing Tips
Taking additional steps to prevent pests is also very easy. Choose a facility that takes precautions, such as regular fumigation and pest control. You can also use an inexpensive and easy way to go the extra mile to protect your belongings from unwanted pests or insects (such as putting a bar of soap or a sticky sheets in one or more corner of the unit). Plan the replacement every 1-3 months.

Adopting these simple preventive measures will help you avoid damages to your belongings, while in the storage unit. It is not expensive except for the planning and execution time. When you’re ready to try our methods, you can contact us to rent our self-storage now!