How to Pick a Self-Storage Unit in Dubai

Moving in to a new house could turn out to be a hassle, only if you have not planned everything in the right way. For instance, you might have made all the arrangements regarding the money, furniture and also about managing your time. But you might have not thought about the exact number of items that you have to move in to your new place. However, even if it is about renovating your house, you might be thinking about rearranging your stuff of maybe getting rid of some.

Nonetheless, this is where the main concern arises. You might get worried about a self-storage place for the items that you think you might not be needing for your common usage. This is when you need to consider about renting a self-storage unit.

Dubai is a growing economy which accommodates thousands of expatriates every year. A study has shown that almost 60% of these expatriates do not consider Dubai as their permanent residence. Which is why the demand for storage units in Dubai is rapidly increasing. However, if you are also living in Dubai then you might as well consider renting a self-storage unit for yourself to get rid of the hassle. Therefore, we want you to consider some of the major consternations related to renting a self-storage unit in Dubai.

What to store and why?

It is essential that you keep in mind what kind of items you are planning to store in the self-storage unit that you are going to rent. For instance, you cannot store perishable items like food and beverages in the storage unit. However, explosives, ammunition or any fire catching items are not allowed as well. In fact, the list for the prohibited items can be quite long so it would be better if you consult the storage unit professionals in the facility who will help you out in this regard.

Next thing you should be concerned about while renting a self-storage unit in Dubai is the size of the unit. 30 to 800 sq. ft are the most available sizes for renting a self-storage unit in Dubai. Prices may vary depending on the size and duration of your renting plan. Renting a self-storage unit online in Dubai can cost you AED 300 to AED  5000 on monthly basis depending on the size of your storage.


The location of your self-storage unit facility is the second most important concern for you. You would love to rent a storage unit in Dubai that is easily accessible to you 24/7 and 365 days a year. What if you need a spare bed for an unexpected guest at night and the storage facility is an hour away from your house. This is why we want you to rent the most accessible self-storage online in Dubai as per your convenience.

Client Facility:

The next thing you need to beware of the customer service of the self-storage facility you are going to rent online. Make sure they assist you on packing and unpacking items for storage. Also consider if they provide you boxes, bubble wraps and tapes etc. in reasonable prices. Moreover, the most important concern for you should be about the customer relationships service the facility will provide. At the end of the day you should be satisfied with the self-storage facility in Dubai.

Keeping your precious possessions in a safe, secure and accessible self-storage in Dubai is the most thoughtful choice you would make in a lifetime. Choose to rent the best and the most reliable self-storage unit facility in Dubai to save you the hassle.