Do You Need A Self-Storage Unit When Repatriating?

In the uncertain times of the pandemic, a lot of us have been affected and had to make unsavory life decisions. Amongst these decisions are having to relocate to your home country. It is not an easy task to leave your belongings behind until the dust settles. Self-storage allows you to keep your things safe till you come back and resume your life in the UAE. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a self-storage unit before temporary repatriation:

Make the most of every inch.
Make sure that you use all the space you rent. No point in renting a garage-sized unit to store three filing cabinets of archived financial statements. There are cheaper options. At the same time, ensure that the storage unit is not so jam-packed that you can’t get to the stuff stored in the rear. It’s also a good idea to dismantle bulky items like beds and cupboard units before storing, for two reasons: it minimizes the possibility of damage, and it takes up less space. The experts at Storall can advise you on how to optimize your self-storage space.

Will you actually remember where you put it?
Keep an inventory of what you put in storage. Most reputable storage facilities will do this as part of their service anyway, but ensure that the inventory is an accurate reflection of what is there, down to the last document. After all, one of the reasons that you have decided on the storage option is so that your home or office is better organized, so that you can find items when you need them. Storage should not be a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

Are you sure you will need it when you come back?
Don’t use up storage space to keep items of little value. The value of the belongings you store must at least match or exceed what you are paying for the storage space. There is a part of us all who likes to hoard stuff but go back to the reasons why you are keeping these items in the first place. What are the chances that you will ever need or use these items again? Toss out duplicate, broken or unused items.

Think carefully about what items you will place in your self-storage unit and ensure that these items are packed efficiently. A trusted facility like Storall self-storage will pack and move your precious possessions without any hassle. Allow us to keep your belongings safe till your return.