5 Reasons Why Self-Storage is a Great Idea

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How many of us, whether at work or home, have possessions lying around that we need to keep but run out of space to? Most of us? Thought so. Homeowners often end up giving away their collection to make more room
at the house. Whereas business organizations stash it around which would not be a good sight for somebody with
OCD or in the storage room available at the office which would not only make it disorganized but also make it difficult to locate something when you need it.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business in Dubai, you only have a lot to gain from the use of self-storage facilities to accommodate your needs, extra equipment, and supplies.


We will give you at least five reasons why renting a storage unit might be your best choice


1. More Space to Live or Work

Don’t blame yourself for being a bad organizer, sometimes you just do not have sufficient space to organize everything you have. When you feel your belongings are taking over extra space and making it hard to go around or (truth be told) even to concentrate, renting a self-storage unit would help.

And instead of expanding your office which is often not an option, you can make working space by moving document
folders, equipment, and unused furniture to a storage unit. A spacious, neat, and organized space makes you feel
comfortable and puts your mind at ease.


2. Protection from Environment Damage

If you’re in an area with harsh weather conditions, such as scorching summers in Dubai, storing extra things in places like cupboards, attics or even the shed outside may not be a good idea and may cause damage to your possessions.
Storage units come to the rescue in situations like these because they’re dry and often have a controlled climate to
prevent any damage so problems such as condensation affecting your items are duly avoided.


3. Cost-Effective Solution

It is always cheaper to rent a storage unit for your extra belongings than to build a shed or expand your office.
Especially if you’re on the move and need a temporary space to store your items. Another benefit is the flexibility of the cost. You are only required to pay the monthly rent which is quite cheaper compared to other available options not forgetting the payment discounts you can get once on board.


4. Extra Security

Storing your valuable possessions at home may not always be the best idea no matter how safe you might think it is.
Storage units at Storall have several stages of protection, from secure locks on your unit to CCTV and round-the-clock security for monitoring. Additionally, these facilities are built with fire safety in mind besides added insurance coverage to provide an extra layer of protection in case of damage to the possessions.


5. Storage of Machinery, Tools and Hobby Equipment

A lot of contractors have bulky equipment that they need only when the job arises. Self-storage units are perfect for
businesses like these as it enable you to save money on owning a commercial space. Besides that, people with multiple hobbies who own bulky sports equipment that is used at a specific time of the year could use a self-storage
unit to keep such items safely.


If you’re based in and around Dubai and looking for a storage company you can trust, then get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to discuss any queries you might have.