4 Most Important Things That You Need To Know Before Renting A Self Storage Facility in Dubai

renting self storage facility in dubai



You need to look for a self-storage facility in Dubai at some point. Extra storage space is always a requirement, whether you want to store that extra set of mattresses, furniture from your old house, that does not go with your new apartment’s vibe, or maybe a bike that you no longer ride.

Getting this extra space along with an apartment is pretty rare because they usually come only with in-house storage which is hardly sufficient for stuff used in day-to-day life. This is especially the case in metropolitan cities like Dubai where even the apartments are the size of a small box, there’s hardly any space to live let alone get storage space.


The perfect solution for this problem is self-storage units. There could be various reasons for people to use self-storage services, maybe you are getting your home renovated or you are relocating to a different city temporarily, it could be tedious to carry all your stuff along, even when some of it is not required.  So, instead of getting movers and packers service to get your stuff across a few hundred miles, just use self-storage services.

Just like in other major cities, storage space is one big problem in Dubai. Also, because a lot of people come to work or study from various parts of the world and they cannot move their stuff very often.  Storall Self-storage in Dubai is one of the best self-storage facilities which makes it easy to store all your personal belongings.


There are self-storage units available for rent that you can simply rent space, according to your requirements, and the rent will be according to the amount of space you have rented and the time you need it for. It is always an option to add more space as and when required.


The safety of your stuff is ensured because these self-storage facilities are under 24-hour CCTV surveillance. These facilities give time access to your storage spaces, so it does not matter if it is noon or midnight, if you need anything from your storage unit you will be allowed access to it.

Not only is the safety and access ensured but the temperature of such units is also maintained, which helps keep certain things that could be affected by the environment. Climate control is one big perk of these facilities.


When choosing a facility like this, a few things should be kept in mind:

  • Make a list of the things you need to put away in the storage and estimate the size of storage that would be required.
  • Keep an estimate of the amount of time your stuff will be in that facility so that when paying you can know if there are any time-related deals.
  • Make a list of the available facilities according to your requirements. Then, compare them based on prices and the quality of facilities.
  • Do not forget to take into account the moving and packing facility provided by the self-storage facility.


While there are a lot of self-storage facilities out there, choosing the right service provider is crucial especially when it comes to storing your valuables. We at Storall LLC make this an easy process by letting you have a free quote, a storage facility visit before booking, and a fully customized service as per your requirements.  Get in touch today!