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For example, cartonized product is opened and additional printed material added. This is especially so in the technology business.

Leasable Support Offices

Leasable office space (varying sized rooms) – available in our administration building for clients that wish to have their representative(s) on the premises for their own operational needs.

Quotation Survey

When needed, we send our expert surveyors to determine the ideal storage solution for client’s needs.


Providing extra labor as per client’s request.

Transport & Delivery

Of cargo at client’s request.

Forklift & Trolley usage

Providing material handling equipment at client’s request


Either steel or heavy duty plastic. This cordage is applied for a myriad of reasons, from keeping palletized cargo upright to ensuring a tight seal on crates.


Building bespoke wooden crates with polyurethane lining for fragile product.


Product is received in a mixed condition and needs to be segregated and packed.

Stickering & Labeling

Placing adhesive tags on inner and outer packages.