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For example, cartonized product is opened and additional printed material added. This is especially so in the technology business.

Leasable Support Offices

Leasable office space (varying sized rooms) – available in our administration building for clients that wish to have their representative(s) on the premises for their own operational needs.


Providing extra labor as per client’s request.

Transport & Delivery

Of cargo at client’s request.

Forklift & Trolley usage

Providing material handling equipment at client’s request


Building bespoke wooden crates with polyurethane lining for fragile product.


For example, a customer provides an apparel item and we place this in cartons and seal for onward shipping.


Belongings & items.


With a choice of transparent or black plastic sheet.

Cross Docking & Transfer

Of freight from one mode of transport to another (usually with no storage involved).